Sunday Funday – SMS Style

image1_1What are you doing this Sunday between 1 and 4 p.m.?  Beating yourself up over your losing b-ball bracket?  Stuffing your face with sports game nachos?  Sleeping off your Saturday night hangover?  I certainly hope not! Ladies, gentleman and aging hippies I welcome you to The Amazing Acro-cats!  O yes, you heard right, ACRO-CATS – it’s so very San Francisco.

Now, being an avid cat lover/compulsive cat adopter, I immediately fell head over paws in love with this outrageously quirky event.  For a mere $15 bucks you can ooh and aww over the Chicago based feline “circus”.

According to Access Atlanta this is “the first East Coast swing for a cast that includes 12 cats, a handful of rescue kittens and one tambourine-tapping chicken named – what else? – Gregory Peck.”

The whole event sounds like an utter mess with pussies running rampant across the stage.  However, the show has its serious side: trying to find a suitable adoptive home for rescues kittens in Atlanta – and that my friend why I love this Sunday afternoon activity.

So get your lazy bum out of bed, throw on some sweats and a pair of your finest sunnies and head over to the Paul Robeson Theater at Atlanta Arts Exchange.  Nothing says “Sunday Funday” like an acro-cat show – and who knows, you might go home with a new furry friend…or two.

Tickets can be purchased at

Gotta love my personal Cat -robats.

Gotta love my personal Cat -robats.

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